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EATON 5130


  • The 5130 protects connected equipment from five of the most common power anomalies: failures, surges, sags, under-voltage and overvoltage.

  • 0.9 power factor: more real power to your protected load. By delivering more real output power, the 5130 powers more servers than another UPS of equivalent VA rating with a lower power factor. 5130 is compatible with all modern IT equipment.



  • Load segment control enables prioritized shutdown of nonessential equipment during outages to maximize battery runtime for critical devices. Load segment control can also be used to remotely re-boot locked-up network equipment or manage scheduled shutdowns and sequential startups.

  • You can extend the runtime to several hours by adding up to four external battery modules. Each external battery module occupies only 2U for most models (3U for reduced depth, 3000 VA models).

  • With hot-swappable batteries, you can replace a battery module without disrupting server room operations or power to protected equipment. With an optional, hot-swap maintenance bypass module, you can even replace the entire UPS.



  • The UPS offers the choice of rackmount or tower installation. Pedestal (on 2U models) and rail kits are included at no extra charge.

  • The 2U model is optimized for rack mounting but is easily deployed as a tower. The 3U unit is optimized for tower deployment or short-depth racks, which makes it especially suitable for telecom equipment racks.

  • The 5130 offers Serial and USB communication plus an extra slot for optional communication card (including SNMP/Web card, relay contact card) allowing remote monitoring in a variety of networking environments.

  • The UPS comes complete with the Eaton Software Suite CD, including SNMP compatible power management software.

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