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Classic Energy Bloc batteries are low maintenance, long life lead acid batteries with liquid electrolyte, available in a vari-ety of models. Thanks to their enhanced energy density, they are ideal for high current applications with short discharge times. They provide a universal, reliable energy storage solution for UPS systems, in telecom, power and railway systems as well as in emergency lighting and all other power supplies for safety systems.



  •  Nominal Capacity 61 – 340 Ah C10
  • 15 years design life at 20 °C ambient temperature (80 % remaining capacity from C10)
  • Low maintenance thanks to the optimized alloy
  • Containers made from high quality translucent plastics
  • Positive and negative grid plates
  • Available in 12 V and 6 V block versions
  • Complies with IEC 60896-11

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