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Stationary lead acid batteries, named EAN/OPzS, according to IEC 896/1, ISO 9001 Standards, are specially designed for use as backup power source in installations whose operation cannot depand on a possible interruption or fluctuation in power supply.

EAN/OPzS battery range design has been optimized to achieve the maximum performance in different applications, and adds the latest technological advances that will satisfy user needs, by ensuring best quality with maximum durability.

The product range is extended according to DIN Standard allowing better adaptation to customer needs. The special alloys used in the manufacturing of 2 volt cells make it a low maintenance product. EAN/ OPzS batteries are used for the following applications:


  • Telecom Stations

  • Power Station and Substations

  • Dashboards signaling

  • Alarms and security Systems

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Emergency light and signaling

  • Alternative Energy (Photovoltaic, wind power, etc.)


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