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Stationary Battery OCSM



Energy storage solutions for critical systems that require uninterrupted power supply. GNB® Industrial Power offers powerful batteries for your individual needs. The below table is only indicative and depends on customers’ specific applications. For more information please ask a GNB sales representative.

The Classic OCSM range is an enhanced development of the OPzS series which uses the CSM (Copper Streched Metal) patent, developed by HAGEN Batterie AG in 1978.

This patent, originally created and implemented for submarine batteries, has been successfully adapted for stationary applications where remarkable energy transformations or short-term discharges are required.

In addition to the positive tubular plates providing extreme stability and robustness, the unique feature of the OCSM range is the use of a copper stretch mesh as the core of the negative electrode.

The higher conductivity of copper leads to a lower internal resistance and provides a much better performance during the discharge and charge of the battery.

The main applications of OCSM batteries are power plants (approved for use in nuclear power plants) and load levelling.



  • 25 years design life.

  • Nominal capacity 160 – 3480 Ah

  • Single cell

  • Tubular plate

  • Copper stretched metal plate

  • Recyclable

  • Low maintenance

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