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OPZS Solar


The Classic OPzS Solar range has been well proven for decades in medium and large power applications. Due to their robustness, long design life and high operational safety they are ideally suitable for use in solar and wind power sta-tions, telecommunications, power distribution companies, railways and many other safety equipment power supplies.The wide range of available capacities and sizes provides a solution for every power need, even in harsh environments.



  • Nominal capacity (C120 at 25 °C): 82.7 – 4600 Ah

  • Very thick tubular positive plates for the most demanding applications

  • Up to 2800 cycles at 60 % depth of discharge (C10) with IU charging profile at 20 °C. For enhanced performance and for systems ≥ 48 V we recommend IUI charging to reach 3000 cycles and more.

  • Designed in accordance with IEC 61427 and IEC 60896-11

  • Screw connectors for a better contact and reliability

  • Also available in dry-charged version with separate electrolyte

  • High quality transparent or translucent containers for easy maintenance

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