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Designed for the data centre – to ensure maximum uptime and maximum efficiency



  • Eaton BladeUPS provides scalable double-conversion backup power
  • BladeUPS is designed for the data centre -to work in harmony with your servers and IT equipment to ensure maximum uptime and maximum efficiency
  • Scalable architecture enables you to design, scale and grow your data centre as your demand grows.
  • BladeUPS provides from 12kW to 60kW N+1 mounted in a single IT rack enclosure, with multiple power distribution options
  • BladeUPS delivers an industry-leading 98% efficiency across the operating range, resulting in cooler operating conditions and less heat dissipation



  • BladeUPS is extremely flexible and supports multiple configurations including power protection in each rack, centralised protection, zone protection or hybrid as required
  • If your needs change or need to move your IT equipment, simply redeploy and reuse BladeUPS as single of parallel units elsewhere Multiple external batteries can be added to increase runtime
  • BladeUPS has multiple power distribution options including the Rack Power Module (RPM), ePDUs or hardwired. The 3U RPM delivers single-phase power and can be deployed in the same rack as the UPS and IT equipment.



  • Optimize your operational expenditure – Latest high efficiency technologies provide 98% efficiency, with 65% less heat dissipation to minimise your operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint
  • A 60kW N+1 solution could save over €20,000 in 5 years in energy costs alone
  • The small footprint of BladeUPS allows extra space for IT equipment in the rack and data centre.
  • Due to the low heat dissipation, air conditioning requirements are reduced by up to a third and BladeUPS can be located close to IT equipment.
  • Utilises Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management system to prolong battery life by up to 50%



  • Choose a pre configured solution, or configure yourself

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