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Maximum energy efficiency.

Minimum operating costs.


  • The 93PM UPS sets new standards, with an operating efficiency level of up to 97% in double conversion mode resulting in significant savings in operational costs.
  • > 99% superior efficiency is delivered in Energy Saver System mode (ESS).
  • High efficiency even when UPS load levels are low, optimised by Variable Module Management System (VMMS).
  • Maximal power and energy density ensures a compact footprint.



  • Scalable, modular architecture and ‘Pay as you grow’ capability minimises CapEx.
  • Eaton’s unique Hot Sync wireless paralleling and internal redundancy ensures maximum availability and high reliability



  • Thermal management support allows for flexible installation against the wall, in rows and in hot/cold aisle configurations.
  • Easy access allows fast MTTR (mean time to repair).
  • Wide range of options and accessories.



  • The 93PM UPS comes with Web and SNMP interfaces as standard.
  • Intelligent Power® software integrates with leading virtualisation management systems for monitoring and managing.
  • The intuitive user LCD interface and visual data logging provides clear information on the UPS status.

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