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EATON Power Xpert 9395P

Double conversion UPS


  • 96.3% double conversion efficiency, delivers 10% more power than the previous 9395 UPS.
  • Complete isolation of output power from all input power anomalies, to deliver 100% conditioned, perfect sine-wave output – even during severe power disturbance.
  • High efficiency even when UPS load levels are low, optimised by Variable Module Management System (VMMS).
  • Energy Saver System (ESS) improves efficiency levels to 99% by suspending power modules when double conversion is not required. Switches to double conversion mode in less than 2 milliseconds in event of pre-set input limits being exceeded. Filtering against fast low-energy transients provided by ESS.
  • Producing 18% less heat helps reduce the need for cooling. Designed for continuous operation at ambient temperatures up to 40°C without de-rating. Can also deliver safe power in higher temperatures without shutting down.



  • HotSync® patented load-sharing technology enables parallel operating of static converters without communication or loadshare signals. Eliminating the communication link eliminates risk of single point of failure.
  • One static switch per UPS enables the full bypass capacity to be achieved from day one. Power modules can be added as loads increase.
  • Wide power factor range meets rapidly changing load power factor without de-rating.
  • Intelligent battery charging through Advanced Battery Management prevents unnecessary charging and significantly retards battery wear rate.



  • Number of power modules per UPS can be specified.
  • Layout can be chosen to suit installation: back-to-back, L-shaped etc. Front-accessible design minimises installation costs and saves valuable data centre space.
  • Preferred bypass topology can be specified. Additional modules can be added as power load increases.
  • Centralised multi-module paralleled 9395P systems are supported by the Eaton System Bypass Module (SBM). Available in ratings from 2000 A to 5000 A as standard, the SBM includes a continuous-duty centralised static switch, backfeed protection device and centralised bypass systems.
  • Service disconnect in each power module allows easy maintenance while the UPS is supporting the load in double conversion mode.
  • More than 90% of materials used can be recycled, decreasing end-of-life impact.

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