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TECNIBAT GROUP was founded in 1992 in Valencia by staff with extensive experience in the World of energy accumulation. We provide energy solutions for secure energy supply.


TECNIBAT GROUP leading product is SERVICE and so we have a team of professionals highly qualified for the performance of their work.


TECNIBAT GROUP offers a wide range of motive power batteries and chargers, for electrical vehicles, forklifts and all sorts of solutions that need accumulation of energy for its operation. We also provide the newest DC Rectifiers, Uninterrumplible Power Supplies and Network power batteries for their applications in such diverse fields as: electric power distribution, gas and water, security, data centers, etc. 


TECNIBAT GROUP is mainly aimed to companies specialized in generation and distribution of electric power, petrochemical industry, nuclear, ceramics, hospitals, naval, railways, airport, automotive, agrifood, telecommunications, logistics and a great many others, i.e., companies that need electrical energy storage for any subsequent application.


Our work begins by advising the customer to find the best solution for their needs, helping to implement the project from its embryonic stage to the start up of the installation. Performing preventive and corrective maintenances, technical audits and of course, training our clients.

Since 1997, TECNIBAT GROUP has the Quality Certificate ISO 9000:2008 granted by TÜV Management that guarantees, not only its professional well-being, but also its commitment with quality, environment and with its social environment. Continuing with the philosophy of continuous improvement, in 2011, 14001 and OHSAS accreditations were obtained.


In 2009 TECNIBAT GROUP begins a new experience, being a manufacturer of Rectifiers/ Battery chargers, so Loeches- Madrid factory is started. In 2016 it is possible to successfully pass the audit to ensure that this facility also has ISO 9001 Certification.


At the same time, in the same year, the company firm bet to start an internationalization process, as of now, is consolidating itself as the most innovative, reliable and safe alternative that exists in this highly competitive market.


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