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Sonnenschein M (1,000 cycles gel battery)

Sonnenschein, with the robust and reliable drift® technology, takes the next step in product evolution:
The innovative M technology which enables gel batteries to give 1,000 cycles alt 70% depth of discharge.

With the experience of more than 120 years in battery manufacturing and continuous further development  of the drift® gel technology, Sonnenschein managed to significantly extend the cycle life durability of gel batteries.

The results are Sonnenschein M batteries with an excellent total cost of ownership for all traction purposes.



  • Main technical features and benefits:

  • Battery technology: VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid)

  • Maintenance-free (no topping up during the whole service life)

  • Very high intrinsic safety

  • Extremely robust and reliable

  • Low self-discharge rate

  • Up to 80% depth

  • 1,000 cycles in accordance with IEC 60254-1

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