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Powerfit S200


As well as their suitability for general applications in security systems, the Powerfit S200 batteries can be reliable energy source for emergency lighting.



  • VRLA batteries (valve-Regulated Lead-Acid) in which the electrolyte is fixed in a glassmat (AGM).

  • Container material acc. to UL 94-HB.

  • Maintenance-free (no topping up) during the whole service life.

  • Nominal capacity 1.17 – 38.8 Ah.

  • 5 years design life at 20ºC ambient temperature (80% remaining capacity C10).

  • Excellent energy storage combined with reliability.

  • Grid plate construction consisting of a lead calcium alloy.

  • Low gas emission due to internal gas recombination (99% efficient).

  • Low self-discharge rate (about 3% / month at 20ºC).

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