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Standby Rectifiers for multiple applications.
The structure of the SCS-20 equipment can be divided into two sections: power and control.



Tecnibat-Emisa Emisa rectifiers have a characteristic controlled output (curve IU – as per DIN 41773 standard). Its high stability keeps the output voltage within ±0,5%, with input voltage variations of ±10%, frequency variatons of ±5% and charging from 10 to 100%.

Its main reliability features make SCS-20 an equipment for power supply in electrical substations.
Highly adaptable to different applications and environments, with a broad range of standard features and upgradable if necessary to meet the most demanding requirements.

Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Compatibility with different battery technologies, mainly Nickel-Cadmium and Lead batteries, open or VRLA, with special devices to enhance its performance and reliability.

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