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Batteries rectifiers-chargers equipments for multiple applications, specially designed for use in installations that require high strength and versatility by adapting to the needs of power, control, monitoring and customer required communications.



Tecnibat rectifiers work with a characteristic controlled output (IU-curve according to DIN 41773). The use of a DSPIC type regulator for control the thyristors triggers provides a great stability that keeps the output voltage value within ±0,5% in front of supply voltage variations of ± 10%, frequency variations of ± 5% and load variations from 0 to 100%.

The union of rectifying technology using thyristors with the use of advanced electronics allows to add thelatest technological advances in communications, control, parameterization and battery care to the robustness demonstrated by this type of rectifiers. Its high versatility allows to adapt to user requirements regarding alarms, operating modes and communications.

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